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With historically low turnout rates in Miami-Dade and only 47% showing up to vote in the 2022 Midterm Elections, Vote Miami wants to increase voter turnout and civic engagement in Miami. Local elections directly impact our daily lives and influence our collective ability to create a thriving Greater Miami.

Our tools and resources are meant to elevate the voter turnout conversation, build greater understanding about our local government, and help all Miamians feel sufficiently informed to vote.


The reasons for low voter turnout in our community are many. To start, few efforts target outreach to hard-to-turnout groups and communities đŸ¤¯. One driver of low turnout amongst certain groups is that voter turnout efforts are traditionally led by individual candidates, who prioritize engaging with and educating likely voters over those voters that may be less likely to turn out. This contributes to a void where low-likelihood voters, including young and low-income voters, never receive the information or outreach that may inspire them to become civically engaged. And, we also recognize that there are many other barriers to voting – both personal and systematic – which may include inconvenient early voting locations, confusion about who is allowed to vote, time limitations, and voter suppression tactics. One other barrier to voting is that…

Becoming an informed voter is tough. Information about candidates and referenda on the ballot is available, but it’s often disorganized and requires heavy lifting from readers. Resources are rarely aggregated into one place, so locals must find each individual source, read extensively, and organize personal conclusions as they prepare to vote. This effort is particularly cumbersome for new/unlikely voters and may further dissuade them from becoming active voters.

We believe that without creating an enabling environment to support voter engagement (complete with voter resources, candidate information, and an elevation of this issue in our community), we cannot expect to see any meaningful growth in voter turnout.

That’s why we launched Vote Miami – to provide locals and leaders with the tools they need to catalyze voting and elevate the voter turnout conversation.

About Vote Miami

The Miami Foundation is committed to advancing trustworthy information to increase civic engagement across Greater Miami. We power Vote Miami in partnership with a host of devoted community partners. Established in 2020, this regional initiative was initially led by Radical Partners in collaboration with Florida Counts, Knight Foundation, Miami Herald, and The Miami Foundation. This year, we have over a dozen partners collaborating on to host and moderate candidate forums. Check here for a full list of our amazing partners