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Preparing for the 2024 General Election


We understand the power of prepared people. We want to provide you with what you need to make an informed decision on who will represent our community and its priorities. With our votes, we will select the leaders of our law enforcement agencies, the leaders who determine the appearance of our parks, highways, and neighborhoods, and the leaders who shape our education system & so much more. If we don’t cast our votes, we lose our voice in shaping the future of Miami. Are you prepared?

Register to Vote

If you are not registered to vote, do so to be ready for the next election cycle:

Find Your District

Learn which candidates hope to represent you and your neighbors by using the county’s address lookup tool:

Check Your Status

To check the status of your vote-by-mail or find out your polling precinct for in-person voting:

Returning Citizen Assistance

If you are a returning citizen (formerly convicted felon) and need assistance with your voting rights, call the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition hotline at 1-877-MYVOTE-0 or visit their website:

For all your voter questions and needs, you can call the Florida State Voter Assistance Hotline at 1 (866) 308-6739 or the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections at 1 (305) 499-8683.

About Vote Miami

The Miami Foundation is committed to advancing trustworthy information to increase civic engagement across Greater Miami. We power Vote Miami in partnership with a host of devoted community partners. Established in 2020, this regional initiative was initially led by Radical Partners in collaboration with Florida Counts, Knight FoundationMiami Herald, and The Miami Foundation. This year, we have over a dozen partners collaborating on to host and moderate candidate forums. Check here for a full list of our amazing partners