Engaging Communities & Activating Neighborhoods in Miami-Dade

Now that you are set to cast your ballot and hold your elected officials accountable, help us make sure everyone else is as well! Even if you are ineligible to vote (youth, non-citizens, fee burdened returning citizens, etc.) join us in activating our community.

Below, you’ll find resources, created by the VoteMiami team and other community partners, intended to be used and shared. With the importance of voting and civic participation in mind, help mobilize your community: post to your social media, send links to your family, have dialogue with friends about candidates, and make sure your network is set up to cast an informed vote this election season.

An educated and engaged electorate benefits all of us and it takes each and every one of us to make it happen.

Social Media Resources for Voters

Feel free to download these social media images and share them wherever you would like.