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Voter Turnout Data & Statistics

It is critical for all voices to be heard in our political process. Unfortunately, voter turnout is often lowest in our most vulnerable communities. To begin to tackle this issue and implement strategies to increase voter turnout amongst traditionally under-represented groups, we first need to understand the lay of the land. Is your community’s voice being heard?

Below, you’ll find two resources to help explore the question: who votes?

Overall Statistics

First, the bar graph shows overall voter turnout in the past three major elections (November 2014, 2016, and 2018).

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Voter Turnout Map

Learn more about voter turnout in Miami-Dade! Explore the map to answer questions like the following. Use the drop-down options below to zoom into YOUR city, precinct, or voting district and learn more about who votes where you live.

Use the map to answer questions like: what was the overall voter turnout in your community? Are young people voting at high rates where you live? Are different racial/ethnic groups voting at similar or different rates?

Where is voter turnout HIGH and where is it LOW?

Moving the sliders within the map will allow you to see areas of the county where voter turnout is highest and lowest. You can adjust the slider titled “Overall Voter Turnout” to view precincts that had the voter turnout in the range you specified.

If you’re interested in voter turnout for a specific group (e.g. Hispanic Voters or Voters Aged 18-24), you can use those specific sliders to view precincts that had the voter turnout in the range you specified.

Vote Miami is a regional collaboration spearheaded by Radical Partners in partnership with Florida Counts, Knight Foundation, Miami Herald, The Miami Foundation, and a growing list of community partners. For more information, questions, or suggestions, reach out to us here.

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